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Martin Freeman


  • A Study in Pink (unaired pilot)- limp, cane
  • The Blind Banker- concussion, kidnapped
  • The Great Game- kidnapped again, strapped to a bomb
  • Hound of Baskerville- drugged and experimented on
  • The Reichenbach Fall- forced to watch his friend commit suicide
  • The Empty Hearse- drugged and nearly burned alive, scratches and burns

Men Only- drug overdose

Hobbit- general hobbit injuries


  • broken nose, head injury from running into a wall
  • shotgun pellet lodged in hand, infection
  • septic from infection, hospitalized

The Good Night- hit by a car, comatose, ventilator, brain injury

The World’s End- sort of dies, taken over by aliens

whumpersunited reblogged your post Broadchurch: Episode 106 starring Davi… and added:

Oooh nice gifset! Never actually got around to watching Broadchurch… can I ask how come he’s fainting? :)

He has a heart arrhythmia, and it’s made worse by stress and exercise. The first two are at a funeral, so stress, and the second two are while chasing a suspect, so stress and exercise combine to equal falling down and hospital time.